Monday, June 19, 2017

Spaced Repetition - The Leitner Box System

The Leitner Box System was first introduced by Sebastian Leitner in the 1970's. It utilizes up to 5 boxes, although current study techniques, recommend repetition cycles that go up to 7 times for complete mastery.

STUDY HELP >>>The Leitner System (using flash cards for review)**<---Please click to view link.
What is the "Leitner System"? >>>The Leitner System (explained) <---Please click to view link.

Awesome video by Thomas Frank: >>>>>The Most Powerful Way to Remember What You Study (See image from video below.) <---Please click to view link.

The "Modified Leitner Box System" can be used with some practical tools such as a mini-loaf tin, snack containers, and soap boxes. I've used dollar store $1.50 hinged boxes like the one below, after using the loaf tin to separate the cards over a period of days and weeks. You can use the Leitner system up to "Box 7" for maximum efficiency in learning.

The dollar store hinged box, uses simple toilet paper rolls (see below),
which can be cut to the necessary size, to prop up the cards so they don't fall over. "Sistema" food containers, sold at Staples (pictured on the right) are useful to store cards using a "Modified Leitner Box System". 

Some sample containers that are suitable to store flashcards are pictured below. Bar soap containers from the dollar store and mini 1.3 cup Rubbermaid containers, will hold the blank business card sized flashcards perfectly!!

The 0.3L
"Really Useful
Utility Box"
(pictured at the bottom right) will fit the half-sized recipe cards perfectly!!
They are transparent, so you can see the cards inside! -->

The most cost-effective system is pictured below. You can simply cut the blank recipe cards in half (see folded card inside box below, ready to cut). These cut cards will fit perfectly inside this 0.3 L "Really Useful Utility Box" that is pictured above and below. I bought mine at Staples. <---Click
NOTE: These useful little boxes will fit the business card size flashcards AND the half-sized recipe cards.

If you use the basic white soap boxes to put the business card size flash cards in, you can label them with different dry erase markers. One of my students suggested this idea, so here it is for you to see!:)

~ You can get creative in finding out ways to organize and store your cards!! ~

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